Salvage For Sale

In the following listings, you will find individual items along with several “lots” of good available for sale. Only one picture is shown on the web site. Unfortunately, my web server does not have a “zoom in” feature for the picture, sorry. I have the original picture and probably more pictures available that I can email to you if desired. We may have more through descriptions of goods available if interested.

We try to be very accurate and straightforward in our descriptions of damages sustained. We welcome your questions about goods offered for sale in order for you to make an informed and intelligent purchase &/or bid on salvage.

You may pay for items purchased with a PayPal account. PayPal charges 3% of the Gross Sale amount. You will need to add 3% to your purchase! Visit PayPal below:


If you want to purchase an item or have questions not answered in the descriptions, feel free to contact us.

Sale List

Image Name Brand Model # Description Retail Price Loss Type Buy Now Price Notes
  WestRock 58″ x 87″ 7 Rolls Kraft Paper $13,775 Trailer accident Per Bid 6-13-17 Noon More pictures available











DR300+  Surveyor Laser  $7,000  Broke walkie talkie  $2,500  More pictures available